My name is Danielle McCarron. I am so pleased you have been brought to this page.

I am a Spiritual Psychotherapist, Recovery Advocate, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (MSc), teacher, healer, speaker, and student. I have been called to share my journey with others in order to help them heal themselves. I do not do anything but help people access their own inner resources that they have always had inside of them. By sharing my own experience, strength, and hope, I hope you can come to believe in the power of your authentic self.

My Story

I hit my personal bottom in 2014 and entered into a transformative journey of recovery and healing. Leaving law school to heal my life, I was guided to go back to school and become a therapist and health coach, where I learned the tools to teach others how to heal themselves.

My wholehearted belief is that the root of all addiction, discomfort, pain, and suffering in the world is due to a disconnect from who we really are - from our authentic selves. My path is now to help others rediscover who they really are and to live in their truth.

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